Process for creating menus and prices

Process for creating menus and  prices

Selecting the "MENU" tab launches Menu Maker to enable creation of custom menus. Pricing can then be defined for each different display location, thereby enabling company control of menu design, with local owners having control of menu prices.

Step 1, Add new master menu background with product descriptions, but no prices.

Step 2, Add Price Fields to your Master Menu.  When the new blank menu will appears, click at the location where you want the first price to appear. Select the placed price item, and use the blue arrows to adjust the location of the price field; insert all remaining price fields at the desired locations on the menu master background.

Select the preferred font size and color for each item's price field. Remember to save when completed.

Step 3, Edit the prices, creating a Price overlay for every remote device location. Start by selecing the Menu tab, and selecting PRICES.

Click the Master Menu, and it will show with default pricing for the highlighted device on the right. Edit the price as desired for each item, then select SAVE.

This action creates a copy of the Master Menu, with local prices, to be saved for the specific device number of that local display device. Repeat to create specific prices for each Device location.

Step 4, Create a new Playlist, adding the Main Menu image from the gallery.

Click on your new Playlist (New Menu 1 in our example), then select your menu image from the gallery, adding it to your playlist.

The playlist will now show the menu image that will be published to all the devices for which you created a Price overlay. Selecting PUBLISH will cause all the remote devices to receive and immediately display the new menu with location-specific prices.